Field Day and the Last Day of School!

Today was the last day of school and let me tell you, this grandma is glad! No, glad would be an understatement. I am ecstatic. I spent so much time at the school, I felt like an employee. I guess that’s the price you pay for being an involved parent. I need a break so I can get ready to do it all again next year.

Lil Bit is excited she is going to the second grade. She already thought she was a big girl, now she thinks she’s an adult. I hate to be the one who has to burst her bubble, but someone’s gotta do it right?

In addition to being the last day of school, it was also field day. And, I must say that this year’s field day was not as busy as last year’s. It wasn’t as hot, and, well, it really wasn’t that . . . eventful. Many of the children became bored, and frankly, so did I, so we left early. Instead having lunch at school, Lil Bit took photos with many of her teachers, wished her classmates a great summer and promises to see them next year, and we were off! I think the fact that we had McDonald’s for lunch was a deciding factor in wanting to leave early.

I’ve posted a few photos of her last day. We are going to take a break for about a week or so before we get started with homeschooling and our Summer Bucket List. I also ask that you continue to keep NaNa in prayer. She is still in the hospital. As to when she’ll be released, ‘they don’t know.’

Awards and Party Day

It’s almost here! The last day of school, the day parents and students alike long for. The last day of school for Lil Bit is on Monday, but today was their last official day of doing anything that has to do with schoolwork. Today was Awards Day and Party Day.

Lil Bit was a bit upset, as her competitive nature would have her receive more awards than she received. She received an award in Reading Comprehension. Children need to be on a level J reading level to be considered for the next grade, Lil Bit is on level N and is the highest in her class. She received an award in Detailed Writing and Math. She was upset she didn’t get more, but I explained to her not to look at it as a negative. Many of the awards given out were for those students who improved in areas where they lagged. Lil Bit is top in her class and I explained how it works.

Still, she was upset. I was a little upset too. Last year we received the Terrific Kid award. You know that sticker you see on the back of cars, that come from the Kiwanis Club. She didn’t get it this year, and I felt it was because her teacher wasn’t too concerned. I felt like he felt that way about a lot thins throughout the school year. He says he’s a laidback type of teacher and I’d agree, but I felt that he missed the mark on a number of things. He’s a good guy and all, but as Lil Bit’s teacher I questioned some things.

Back to the awards. Another thing I felt her teacher missed the mark on was entry into a writing contest that I heard nothing about until the other three first grade classes (there are four total) awarded their children for entering into the contest. No one in Lil Bit’s class was acknowledged because no one was told about it.

Parents, this is why I think it so important that you become involved in your child’s education. Visit their school, sit in on their class, be a part of it. Many parents send their children to school and feel like once they drop them off, their children are then the responsibility of the teachers. This is not completely true. If the school is not giving your child all that he or she needs, if your child is being held back or not advancing because of lack of teaching, you need to get involved.

Unfortunately, Lil Bit lives in an area that has what they call Title I schools. This means the students are mainly low income. Papa moved here after retiring from the Post Office. When I moved here from North Texas, nearly ten years ago, PaPa owned the house and neither of us had any school aged children, so it was no big deal to us. However, when Lil Bit came to live with us, it became a reality. We will be relocating to another state in a few short years, and because of the “zone” we live in, Lil Bit has to attend the school she is attending. For a quick minute, she attended Montileu Academy of Technology that was at least 20 miles away, and we had no problem taking and picking her up every day, we soon found out that that too was a Title I school, and in addition, Lil Bit was not happy there. She missed her old school, so we brought her back. As soon as we did, she perked back up. Her depression disappeared and she looked forward to going to school once again.

I said all that to say that parents need to be in tune with their children, their learning levels, their talents and what have you. Then, they need to get involved.

After the awards, I scurried on over to Little Caesar’s to get pizza for the party. The children and their parents brought in snacks and drinks. We took photos in the Selfie Booth that Lil Bit and I had made earlier in the week, and we autographed yearbooks. I’d like to think that the children enjoyed themselves.

I was supposed to give each child an memory CD—a disc that had all the photos and videos that I had taken of them through the school year. That didn’t quite go the way I expected so I squashed the idea. The children were instructed to either come to Glamma and Lil Bit’s website or put #MrMitchellsFirstGradeClass in Google or social media and they’d be able to access the photos and the video. If you are one of those parents, please feel free to right click on your child’s photo and save it to your device. The video is below as well on Glamma and Lil Bit’s YouTube channel. You can save it, or if you have RealPlayer, you can use it to download to your computer. Although we have written permission to photograph and videograph the children, if you are a parent who wants your child’s photo taken down, please either comment below and tell us the name of your child and I’ll remove it, or you can email us at



Kiwanis Club-Terrific Kid


Field Trip to Eno River State Park

This is the last field trip of the year and Lil Bit and her class visited the Eno River State Park in Durham, North Carolina. Like yesterday’s field trip, Papa joined us as we started with a hike, where we saw interesting bugs. Did you know that a millipede is not poisonous, while a centipede is? Who knew? We saw a large Blue Herring fly across the river. Papa got it on the GoPro but you have to look very close. The hike was a rugged one, but Glamma was able to weather it.

The children got to cross a hanging bridge, although some were a little frightened. Okay, let’s be honest, Glamma was more frightened then they were.

Once back from our first hike, the children got to play in the river and then pull various species of bugs from the water as the ranger taught them how to identify each and every one.

Next we learned about sick trees. Did you know that when you carve your initials in a tree, the tree then gets . . . let’s say, the flu? It is one of the main reasons you see those big humpy things poking out of the side of the trees, because it is sick. One of the children posed the question as to why didn’t they just cut the hump off and the ranger explained it would only make the tree sicker and eventually kill it. Let me tell you, these last two days have been very educational.

The children ate lunch on the porch of a home that was built in the 1800s and before we knew it, it was time to get back on the bus and make the long drive back to school.


Eno River State Park


3rd Quarter Awards!

Today was Award’s Day at school. Lil Bit didn’t get as many awards as she is used to, but she still cleaned house. She is very competitive, and it showed.

The awards she received this time around were, Certificate of Service (for being the Box Tops Queen), Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Perfect Attendance, and a Reading Certificate, because she loves to read.

It’s funny. At night, when she’s supposed to be sleep, I’ll either peek in on her baby cam, or tip-toe in her room to find her under the covers reading a book. I am ecstatic that she loves to read. Don’t forget to check out her reading list on the Reading List tab.