Hi, we’re Glamma and Lil Bit, the grandmother and granddaughter dynamic duo. As a baby boomer who has raised a 26-year-old son and a 28-year-old daughter, and as a grandmother of 4, I did not hesitate when unfortunate circumstances gave me the fortunate opportunity to raise my oldest granddaughter.

Lil Bit has been with Papa (you’ll hear from him from time to time) and I since she was 3-years-old. She will be 7-years-old in July. I only wished I started chronicling her #lilbitisms from the very beginning. She’s said and done so many things that, as a writer, even I couldn’t make up. We were able to salvage some things by posting on social media using the hashtag #grandmaisms.

Lil Bit is a girlie-girl that I believe is harboring a tom-boy that is desperately trying to escape. She loves bows and dresses, but I tell you, she’ll leave in the morning with a pretty bow in her hair, but when she returns home, its on its last leg.

Lil Bit has brought me and my family so much joy and we want to share just a Lil Bit with you. Our goal is not only to share our adventures but to inspire, teach and give you a laugh or two as you follow our journey. I’m an advocate of education and reading, so you’ll see a lot of that here and in our videos. You will also see that I spend lots of time at Lil Bit’s school, and as a disclaimer I’d like to advise that her teacher has given me permission to film and take photos of the students in his class. In addition, these children have photo and video releases on file. So if you’re wondering, “Hey, can they do that?” I assure you, we’ve cleared it first. I will say that in other public settings we do not try to capture other people without their permission, but a few may show up in public outings, and sometimes that cannot be avoided.

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