First Day of 3rd Grade

After much anticipation, Lil Bit returned to school today, as a 3rd grader.

After much anticipation, Lil Bit returned to school today, as a 3rd grader. Glamma sat in her class for about an hour and left feeling very optimistic about the school year. As mentioned in a previous post, her teacher is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) and when I say recent, she just graduated in July with a teaching degree. I’m positive that Lil Bit will do a great this year and land on that honor roll. 

Glamma was perusing through Amazon, as she does everyday, and I came across these t-shirts for 3rd graders. I now realize that if it can be made, it has been made and you can buy it on Amazon. Here is a couple of shirts I am considering getting for Lil Bit. There were also a few for teachers. Very cute shirts. They come in various styles, colors and sizes.

For the first day of school, Glamma walked Lil Bit and her BFF into the school and into the classroom. It felt awkward going down the “big kids” hallway. For the first part of the hour, the teacher went over the rules of the classroom and what she would expect from the children. She went through the children’s daily routine and had them fill out an “all about me” worksheet. Glamma took note of their birthdays. Last year, I gave out cards and gifts on the children’s birthdays, but this year, we are only going to give cards. It got to be expensive. 

After getting too many “Grandma can you leave, I’m a big girl” looks from Lil Bit, Glamma decided to detach and leave the classroom. I am so proud of Lil Bit and cannot wait to experience all the great things that God and 3rd grade have in store for her.

I’ve included photos below of Lil Bit’s first day of school. I’ve also included a collage of her “first days of school” from preschool until now. These photos bring tears to my eyes.