Our Summer Vacation to Washinton, D.C.

Every year, we take a family vacation to a place we’ve never visited before. This summer, our travels took us to the educational Washington, D.C. I would be an understatement to say we learned a lot. There was so much to do that we didn’t get to do a fraction of what we wanted.

We posted a video on our YouTube Channel about the trip. But just a small recap. Lil Bit’s least part of the trip was the White House. Why, you ask? There were several reasons, the main being that there was no trace of President Barack Obama ever being in the White House. We thought we’d see a photo or something. The tour itself, self-guided, was not what we expected, so the educational element was lost. And it took us longer to go through security than it did to go through the White House Tour. However, even though it was very disappointing, we can mark that off our bucket list.

My favorite place and probably Papa’s too, was the Smithsonian Museum of American History. We had no clue that the Smithsonian was so huge and that it consists of several buildings at several locations. None, the less, we had a grand time learning and educating Lil Bit as we made our way through this particular museum. I might add that we did not even make through the entire building there was so much to see. 

To get more of an inside look on what we saw and what we thought, check out our DC Vacation Videos:

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We were a bit disappointed that we were not able to visit the African American History Museum. We had tried for months to get free tickets to the museum, but the process to get tickets is just crazy. Our only other option was to get online the day of, at 6:30am, to see if there were any tickets available. We still were not able to obtain tickets, so needless to say that that is something that will probably never be marked off on me and Papa’s bucket list. Lil Bit, however, may decide to visit when she is an adult. I was very upset when we got back home to find out that for the month of September, they were doing away with the process of trying to “chase tickets” online and going with a “walk-up” approach. Meaning, if you walk up and there is space to get in, you can. Or you can wait until people exit so others can go in. Something I think they originally did, but got rid of, and should have never touched. If you’re interested in getting tickets, here is the link. 

We stayed at the lovely Plaza Hotel. Our agent, Shannon, of SRH Travel, really got us a great deal. This is not a cheap hotel, but we got a great rate and we got a suite complete with full kitchen. I’d totally suggest staying here as our hotel was centrally located and walking distance from everything!

I’ve posted a few photos below. We enjoyed the Lincoln and Washington monuments, the National Mall, the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, the World War II Memorial Monument, the Korean Monument, the reflecting pond and a plethora of other sites.

If you’ve never visited DC. I strongly urge you to do so. I’d also strongly urge you stay 1-2 weeks to get a great deal of what DC has to offer.