Our Movie Night Review

Last night was our traditional Friday Movie Night, and as usual, it was all about Lil Bit. As a family, we love B movies, especially shark movies, or end of day movies, just not anything that has to do with zombies. Papa picked 47 Meters down starring Mandy Moore.

It’s a movie about two sisters who take a trip to Mexico. The sister played by Mandy Moore is out to try to prove something to herself and her soon to be ex-husband who has chosen to leave her because he is bored in their relationship. After meeting two daredevils in Mexico, they are coaxed into getting into a cage and lowered into the ocean so they can get as close as possible to sharks. Except, something goes wrong and the two women find themselves fighting for their lives.

On average, our family gave this movie a 3 star rating. Glamma gave it a 3, Papa gave it a 3 and Lil Bit gave it a 2. Lil Bit has watched a plethora of shark movies, but for whatever reason this one had her nearly screaming out of her skin. So a word of warning to parents, if you have small children who scare easily, this might not be the movie for them. Lil bit is 7-years-old and she doesn’t scare easily, yet this movie was too much for her.

Next we watched Sing. Who doesn’t like Sing? Sing has an all star cast: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth McFarlane, Scarlett Johansen, Jennifer Hudson and Jay Pharoah.

Buster Moon, a Koala Bear has an unfilled dream of stardom, so he stages a singing competition which draws a large array of characters.  An like most dreams, there is always a monkey wrench waiting to be thrown into it. The contest does not go without a hitch and it seems that Buster’s dream is about to die, until an unexpected character saves the day.

If you have not watched Sing, where have you been? Our family has watched it at least a dozen times. On average, we give Sing a raving 5 stars! Happy movie watching.

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