WLBIR Nikki & Deja: Substitute Trouble

Right now, Lil Bit is finishing up Nikki & Deja: Substitute Trouble by Karen English. She is nearly finished with the book, but I suspect it will be one that she will revisit as she is still in vacation mode and I’m not sure if she’s retaining any of what she is reading.

Sor far, in Lil Bit’s own words: “The book is about Deja and Nikki, who had an old teacher, Ms. Shelby-Ortiz. One day Nikki and Deja saw a man and they did not know who he was. When they got into their classroom the teacher said that Ms. Shelby-Ortiz had an accident. And, that she would be out for two or three weeks. Then Deja and Nikki were so surprised about the accident. “

This is all she has for now, but she will do a video book review once she is done reading the book, which I’m hoping is today. See the link below for Nikki & Deja books.

Nikki & Deja Books