We’re in Business!

Today, I dropped Lil Bit off at school. She was excited because her/our business cards came in the mail yesterday. Her first words when she saw them were, “I’m Famous!” How adorable right?

A follow up to yesterday’s post, Lil Bit promises to bring home a green square (which means she had a good day) on her behavioral chart today. I know she can do it. I imagine to many parents, getting a blue square (which means warning!) isn’t such a big deal, but for us, it is very important to make clear up front what the goals and expectation of our children our. In the case of Papa and I, our children are grown, and Lil Bit is our granddaughter. And being that we are raising her, we are raising her as if she was one of our own–and technically, she really is.

I scheduled a parent teacher conference with her teacher so we can address some concerns we’ve had for a while. They are nothing new, but we would like to revisit some and express others and, together, come up with a solution that will work for Lil Bit and enable her to be the best student she can be.

bananapuddingToday is Teacher Appreciation Day at her school and parents were tasked with bringing in food for a teacher’s luncheon. This week is multi-cultural week and they will have events throughout the week to celebrate. The luncheon is one of them. S/N: I meant to record and post the recipe and video of the making of the banana pudding, but got so busy, I forgot to turn on the camera. Maybe next time.

Today, when she gets home, depending on what her card says, Lil Bit will complete her homework and do a little XtraMath and ReadTheory.

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